Internal Debates

Several years ago I had a very similar debate with myself about going to a Farscape Con. I had yet another back in March of this year, debating about a trip to a concert. Now I'm having yet another debate.

I've got tickets. They were $20 US and are for the lawn which is considerably further back than my awesome spot in the mosh pit last concert. Problem is that it's a $400 flight to get to said concert, and if I'm down in that area I want to see some of the area! Think hotels and food for 4 or 5 days, and I've got another few hundred dollars on it.

Then comes the next issue. If I'm going all that way for one concert, why not try to catch the one a few days earlier in the previous city. (same state at least but then how do I get from one to the other?) When I went to Manchester I regretted not arranging to go to Wembley.

Bah, stupid internal debates with myself.

Should I not go and save the money?
Go to the one and save a tiny bit of money?
Go crazy, spend waaay too much and hit at least 2 concerts?

One thought to keep in mind is that with the con and the last show I didn't regret going to begin with, and last month I had the time of my life and fullfilled a dream.....


My new affair with a crock pot

I've had a crock pot for years, just never really used it. Bought a cookbook or few and finally cracked one and absolutly fell in love with the one chicken recipe in there. Made it several times before finally deciding to try something new.

At Safeway they sell these amazing pre-cooked chickens. Just tiny little things, roasted on a rotissarie (I think?) tossed in a container and sold still hot. I bought one, tore all the chicken off, bought some chicken broth, veggies and made my own chicken stew. That was so delicious I had to make it several more times.

Yesterday I decided I'd try something a little different. I bought one of the chickens, ripped all the meat off, then tossed the bones, leftover chicken, grissle etc in the crock pot and filled it with water. I added pepper, some salt and one of those tea caddy things with parsley, bay leaves and thyme and let the whole mess cook on low for about 20 hours.

It smells delicious! (as does my whole house at this point).

I've drained the broth into a pot and going to toss it in the fridge as I don't have time tomorrow to cook the rest. Figured if I left it in the pot in the fridge I could cook it Wednesday while I was at work. Just gotta figure out the best way to get all the grease off the top as there's a lot! Any suggestions?

The clouds have a pinkish hue tonight which can only mean one thing...




Survived another snow/blizzard. We were lucky and due to the 90km/hr winds the snow didn't have a hope in hell of staying anywhere close to the ground. Tree's didn't have much of a hope of staying standing either with the north wind instead of the west wind.

Had to take a break from the guitar playing as I split my pointing finger at the tip (what the hell is that finger called? Pointing finger?).

Started trying to run 2 weeks ago, had to take the last 4 days off as I tried my very best to blow out my knee. Gonna try the bike tomorrow.

I have a Twitter account. If you wanna follow (and I'll follow you) I'm @Toomi_k. Let me know who you are though! ;)

SG-1 Team


Ok, major distraction... I've got George interviewing Viggo on the Hour right now....

Quick note as it's late:

I've caved and got a twitter account. I've actually had it for a while but never used it and even now I'm not going to 'tweet' about my every move! It's @Toomi_k.

Going to have the winter tires changed out tomorrow morning, so naturally it's snowing now.


Oh, and I swear I've seen this interview before.....


Poke.... poke....

Last entry: April 7th 2009.

Kinda creepy, sure didn't plan it that way.

First time I've logged in for a year. Yesterday was the first time I'd logged into Gateworld for months and months.

Anyone still out there?

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Sickness, Photoshop, Fics and Forums

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On the photoshop front I haven't really done much. I did do a banner/s for someone on Gateworld and here's some of them:

Not Snurchable yet as the person I did them for hasn't picked which one she wants.

Fics: Well, nothing done on any of them. With being sick and other life things happening I just havne't had time. I really want Familiar Faces to end soon so I can move on. I'm wondering if I can get Si Vis Amari, Ama back on track and am contemplating deleting Ab Intra as it really didnt' turn out like I wanted it to and have no desire to finish it.

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The Hip and Nicotine....

Many many years ago a pack of smokes cost $5.25. So it was more than the minimum working wage at that point, but I can't belive how cheep they were. Slowly but surely the prices rose and I kept saying "at such and such price I'll quit." Except I never did. I continued to smoke and pay for them when they crossed $10/pack, then $11. On Friday I went to buy smokes and they were $12.35 a pack. Apparently that was my breaking point.

On Sunday I woke with the intent to quit smoking, cold turkey. I'm allergic (or something) to the patches, I can't afford all these fancy drugs and nicorette gum tastes like leather and burns a whole in your mouth. I went for breakfast with a friend, and came home to clean my house like a maniac. Well, I found some smokes, so I had a few (5 in total for that day) and on Monday, another 3 or 4. Today, 3 and I'm out of smokes. I feel like I'm going crazy, like I"m drunk, like I'm high. I can't concentrate, I want to eat, I want to smoke, nothing seems to work right ( I closed photoshop, I just don't have the steady hands needed), I don't want to read, I don't want to write, I don't want to watch tv. All I want is a cigarette.

This time I'm determined to quit. I don't want to be a smoker anymore. Most of my friends have quit for various reasons, and I'm fed up of being the only one going outside. I don't want to be chased around my backyard by wasps (I'm allergic to those!!!!) just trying to get my nic fix, I don't want to spend another winter curled up outside in -30C weather, smoking. To top it all off, it will save me a few hundred a month!

On another note, the new Tragically Hip CD came out today. We Are The Same is their 14th (?) album, first one in just over 2 years. I'm a big Hip fan, some of my fave tracks being 'New Orleans is Sinking' (released in 1989!) Grace,Too and Blow at High Dough. Checked this CD out at work and bought it coz it's a Hip cd but I'm not sure I like it. Coffee Girl has a funky beat, but overall the disc if fairly mellow.

I'm gonna give it a chance just coz it may grow on me. I mean, I hated the newer Oasis cd but eventually some tracks grew on me.

Made a few photoshop things but only gonna post one or two:

Probably no fic updates until after the weekend...